Integrated Ideas is an independent digital marketing and design agency that offers bespoke design and build of websites, along with full online tools and portals. Not to mention traditional design and print to a variety of sectors both online and offline.

We are passionate about what we do and are praised for our digital work in terms of a design and technical level, and we strive to deliver great looking websites and functionally rich portal solutions.

At Integrated Ideas, our approach is personal. We immerse ourselves into each and every client to understand individual needs and help deliver your core message. We want to work with you, not for you, so if you have an IDEA… let’s see where we can take it.



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  • Joe's Jungle Logo
    "From months of stress and worrying about my website and booking system, to a complete change of mind, I can't thank Integrated Ideas Agency enough. Julia at Integrated Ideas Agency immediately reassured me, listened and asked all the right questions about what was required specific to the industry. Taking my existing website and booking system over, adding and changing as they went through everything with a fine tooth comb. I am definitely not technically minded but to drive my soft play centre I asked "can you make it do this!" and the answer was "Yes, absolutely". I'm delighted I now have a dedicated and committed company looking after me and at the drop of a hat, Julia and her team are on hand. With lots of plans moving forward I can honestly say that I am 100% happier."

    Caroline Ellis, Owner.

  • Cambridgeshire Acre Logo
    "We were impressed at how quickly Integrated Ideas got to grips with a complex project, bringing our ideas to life and providing a website that will be easy for us to maintain in-house going forward"

    Alison Brown, Acting Chief Executive

  • Charlie Watkins Foundation Logo
    "Thank you for a fabulous website"

    Lady Haworth, Development Director

  • Walk4Greg Logo
    I would thoroughly recommend Integrated Ideas. Julia and her team took the bare bones of my idea and transformed it into a well designed, stylish and inspiring website. The team were so responsive and were able to provide effective solutions for my requirements. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and efficient company.

    Katherine Kingston

  • Butley Village Hall Logo
    Integrated Ideas produced a completely new design for the site. Bright and fresh and reflecting some of Butley’s many attributes. They listened to the functions that we wanted the site to have and built the necessary technical stuff. We can’t recommend Integrated Ideas highly enough and would suggest you approach them to discuss your project.

    Jonathan Fitch, Treasurer

  • Brooks and Wood Ltd Logo
    "We are extremely pleased with our new website and with this being our first we were looking for a company to take the lead and drive the development of the website forward. Integrated Ideas provided exactly what was needed and with their technical knowledge and experience produced what we believe is a large step forward for our business. Having had no experience of updating a website we have found the management system to be quick, logical and user friendly. We would have no hesitation in recommending Integrated Ideas to anyone who required the services of a friendly, professional company for their IT solutions."

    Stuart Boardley, Director

  • Westcourt Logo
    "Effective communication of our product in written and audio-visual formats into the Russian consumer and investor markets which had never experienced its like before was a commercial imperative on this project. Integrated Ideas were able to devise and produce a multi-media communications programme which achieved this in a compelling way and under great pressure of expectation and time. It was a significant challenge which was well met and made enjoyable by the intellectual and creative capabilities applied to it by Integrated Ideas. Working with Integrated Ideas was a rewarding professional experience which I would recommend to anyone with a message that needs to be conveyed."

    David Margason, Managing Director

  • InterContinental Dubai Marina Logo
    "You guys are awesome and I will happily promote your service to all my senior IHG sales & marketing colleagues! And of course the GM'S."

    Cathy Mead, Sales and Marketing Director

  • Schlumberger Logo
    "Integrated ideas designed, printed and delivered an attractive and very well received conference program booklet for us. Their attention to detail: from sourcing the right cover image; to the application of our branded fonts and styles; and patiently incorporating our change requests at the 11th hour, made them the ideal partner for us. I could not recommend them highly enough, I look forward to working with them again."

    Shiva Kant, Project Manager



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We partner and integrate with a range of leading service providers, including:

Peer1 Hosting
Campaign Monitor


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I love printed design - you simply can't beat the smell of a freshly printed brochure and the feel of the stock on your fingertips! It's fantastic! In recent years there has been a dramatic move to digital marketing as companies fight to increase...



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