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Breathing Buildings

We began working with Breathing Buildings in 2009, under their original moniker E-Stack, a spin out company from the University of Cambridge. The brief included renaming the company and the creation of an entirely new brand, including the design and build of a new website.

Following market research, we compiled a list of potential names. It was agreed that Breathing Buildings was most suitable, due to direct connotations with the services they would provide. Once the brand had been created, we proceeded with the design of various marketing collateral, including compliment slips, business cards, folders, case studies and datasheets.

As per the brief, we also commissioned a website. This fully-functional digital space would enable a user to add information about the building or room they were looking to ventilate. The site would then offer comparative results, so that the user can make their own, informed decision. A flash animation was also set up, to explain the benefits of natural ventilation over mechanical ventilation.

Since the conception of Breathing Buildings, the company has grown from strength to strength. Recently, an informative catalogue detailing Breathing Buildings and their projects has been created, thus broadening their reach in an easy-to-access manner.

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