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One&Only Resorts

One&Only Resorts, a brand of Kerzner International, offer some of the most luxurious and highly acclaimed resorts, with locations ranging from the Maldives and Dubai through to Australia. A globally renown brand in their own right, One&Only were looking to reward partners for their continued effort and support of the resorts. We worked closely with Kerzner to develop the One&Only Resorts incentive portal, which would act as the pinnacle of their global booking rewards program. The portal would allow for chosen partners to register their interest and once validated, begin logging their bookings at the various One&Only Resorts. Through a personal rewards dashboard, partners can track their progress and status of booking approval. When confirmed, bookings will translate into points which translate into rewards.

To promote the program, Integrated Ideas designed and distributed several offline marketing pieces, including promotional leaflets, magazine adverts and postcards. In terms of online marketing, we issue a number of HTML emails on behalf of the One&Only program, which detail the various resorts and their respective offers. We built an initial email template which can then be adapted to match each campaign – maximising the speed and delivery of each promotion. We also worked together with Kerzner to develop the basis of their 2015 One&Only Resorts sales conference: a keynote presentation, with promotional video and exhibition boards. This also included the high quality resort accreditation Virtuoso and ILTM sales conference books.

To this day, we continue to expand and promote the incentive program through a wide range of means, demonstrating the effectiveness and popularity of the promotion and our efforts. We are continuing to work closely with Kerzner for their 2016 marketing plans.

We can’t show a lot of our work because we white label on behalf of other agencies, but working with Kerzner demonstrates our flexibility and commitment to projects – given the various time zones working across various continents (from Australia to Dubai, across Europe and through to America).

  • One&Only Resorts portal landing page
  • One&Only Resorts portal agent dashboard
  • Inside a One&Only Resorts coffee table book
  • A collection of One&Only Resorts coffee table books

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