Blonde haired lady hanging up some wall art for her Zoom wall

Something for your Zoom Wall?

21 Apr 2020

The Lockdown Continues

Following the extended lockdown announced by the UK Government of at least another three weeks, it looks like we will all be continuing our operations with our Zoom video calls, Hangouts, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams, not to mention Slack, as we all continue to work and deliver together from our homes.

Why not give your wall some pop?

One thing that has been interesting in the world of Zoom, especially as many are new to this app, is how many people aren't considering how they are appearing on the screen and what's in the background. Whilst we've all seen some funny sights, sometimes just a little help wouldn't go amiss. Abi Fawcus is a local artist and designer who has tried to help with her 'reasons to be chirpy' artwork. If you would like something beautiful to give your wall a bit of 'pop', then why not give Abi a call? She's even giving 50% of every sale to the coronavirus charity or cause. You can view Abi's prints and more here and see for yourself what Abi's prints would look like on the wall.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some stunning photography, then our very own PM, Dan Ruffles, is a keen amateur photographer in his spare time, capturing the beauty of the Suffolk coastline and the surrounding areas. You can view Dan's work by visiting his photography website and if you are interested in a print, then give him a shout!

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