Details of craft supplies for COVID-19 lockdown

A Helping Hand During Lockdown

11 Aug 2020

Working together to make a big difference

Throughout lockdown, there has been an ever-increasing demand for face masks and other PPE. In Colchester, a group known as The Secret Sewing Club was re-established by staff from The Stanway School. Initially they worked together to make 250 scrub bags and 180 headbands and as the need for these decreased, they decided to make a few face masks with the fabric that was left.

One of our staff members, along with their partner, were aware that long term wearing of face masks caused issues for some people with sores left behind their ears, so started working together with The Secret Sewing Club by using their home 3D printer and crocheting skills to make masks and ear savers. All of this was to help support those who were unable to buy their own and any donations which were given were duly passed to the NHS group of charities.

The 3D Crowd is an 8,000 strong community that in total, distributed 200,000 visors to the NHS and frontline workers. A number that was unprecedented upon working together.

One idea that proved a big success

Along with The 3D Crowd, The Secret Sewing Club has also been a huge success with close to 700 face masks being made, just 10 days after the first was produced, and an amount of £2,000 being raised for the NHS.

A very inspiring story with various skills being used in lockdown for such a great cause. Masks are still being made and given out with a suggested donation of just £2 which is now shared between the local food bank and women's refuge. With masks now being mandatory in shops, it is a great time to show your support more than ever. Give the Colchester Community Mask / Face Covering Tree a look on Facebook today!

Integrated Ideas are always here to help and support

As a team, we understand that these times have been challenging for everyone, whether as an individual or a business, and at Integrated Ideas, we look to support our local communities wherever possible - big or small.

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