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"Fresh, concise marketing material that is on par or better than any other firm in our field"

Ramnidhi Wasam - Founder

Mekosha Trivandrum

Through another word of mouth recommendation, Integrated Ideas were delighted to be asked by the team at Mekosha to help them update their brand, website and marketing material to promote India’s very first Luxury Ayurveda Resort and Retreat.


Offering something special by way of a wellness stay with access to the very top, hand-selected team of doctors, physicians, yoga experts, nutritionists and chefs to help you make the most of the Wellness & Spa Experience. 


With over thirty different yet traditional treatments for you to choose from during your stay or you can speak to the team and have a tailored and personalised programme for your specific needs.


At Mekosha they practise the purest tenets of Ayurveda where the mind, body and spirit are treated together.

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