Print Media and it's importance

Don't forget the print

10 Mar 2014

I love printed design - you simply can't beat the smell of a freshly printed brochure and the feel of the stock on your fingertips! It's fantastic! In recent years there has been a dramatic move to digital marketing as companies fight to increase their presence online, as such budgets for printed materials have been in decline.

With the rise of tablet based e-books, some fear printed materials could become obsolete within the marketing mix. At Integrated Ideas we believe it is more important than ever to provide your clients with a physical token of the service you can provide, after all a pdf brochure will capture the audience for a moment, but a physical brochure could sit on their desk for months or even years, waiting for its opportunity to remind the user of your service offering.

It's not just sales tools either, print provides a perfect platform to shout about your achievements with more companies returning to traditional media for their annual reports.

An interesting example of how printed materials have adapted to digital trends is Computer Arts Magazine who have transformed their publication from a standard monthly trade journal into a luxury glossy which wouldn't look out of place on the coffee table of top company executives. They have achieved this through a comprehensive redesign, using heavier stock for the cover and a foil blocked logo, creating a premium feel not dissimilar from a soft-back book.

We've not lost faith in print and are still passionate about the minor details which can turn your marketing materials into a bespoke piece of art - premium papers, embossing, foil foiling blocking _ the possibilities are literally endless!

If you're interested in speaking to our team about how printed materials can fit into your marketing mix please email Julia Grant.

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