Image of Suzy Hall new Project Manager at integrated Ideas

Suzy Hall - New Project Manager at Integrated Ideas

04 Oct 2023

My new career at Integrated Ideas...

Hi! I'm Suzy a Project Manager at Integrated Ideas and I am thrilled to be the newest addition to this talented team. 
I have had a long career path in project management, especially in website and systems development. It's a field that constantly challenges me, and I am lucky enough to work with a huge diversity of clients alongside interesting and skilled colleagues.

I have a passion for organization and an unbridled love for spreadsheets. Whether it's tracking project milestones, analysing data, or streamlining processes, I cannot help but get excited at the prospect of a new task involving a spreadsheet!

My desire to learn is the main thing that attracted me to Integrated Ideas. Julia and the lovely team here have an impressive breadth of knowledge. They are fun-loving, funny, hard-working and put the client first in all things. I am excited to be part of this close-knit team.

Outside of work...

I am a massive Star Trek fan and science fiction in general. I am always available to discuss the merits of Captain Picard over Janeway, just say the word and I will make it so!

I also have green fingers! I'm a huge fan of house plants, and I’m working towards making the office into an indoor jungle – one plant at a time! They make me very happy!

I am a big foodie and I have found my kindred spirits at Integrated Ideas.

Last words...

So, if you need a project managed by a knowledgeable team who truly listens and seeks to put you at the heart of your project, with someone always available to chat about Star Trek or the best recipe for a good risotto, then get in touch with us at Integrated Ideas.

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