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"Integrated Ideas were excellent in providing support to our charity and were always professional and quick in their response"

Helen Nejad - Co-Founder and a Trustee of "Iran's Children Charity"

Panah Trust

The Panah Trust is part of Iran’s Children Charity, a Non-Governmental Organisation. It is their commitment to support the children of Iran. They achieve their objective in collaboration with local registered organisations such as the Association for Protection of Child Labour. The Panah Trust’s project, with the support of UKIFF, is to educate children and give them a better future.

Integrated Ideas were introduced to Iran’s Children Charity through a previous client. Meeting with the client it was seen that they had a hard task ahead of them, trying to change not only the brand of the charity but to engage with more Persian communities within the UK as well as further afield.

We began by designing and creating a new brand. It was essential this make use of the word ‘Panah’, which means ‘Shelter’. Through a branding exercise and the provision of several options, the joining of the adult and child hands was chosen – as this would accurately reflect the core aims and message of Iran’s Children Charity.

The site needed a CMS for the client to update going forward, and it included the option to have the site multi-lingual (English and Farsi). Using our propriety content management system, the Panah Trust Charity is able to keep their website up-to-date with all of the latest news and events – crucial for engaging a wider community. Further to this, having a version of the website in Persian would allow for greater accessibility among the target audience.

Working to tight deadlines, so that the new website and brand were ready in time for the UK Iranian Film Festival, the website was delivered in full with a comprehensive content management system. The site has seen great activity and response since launch, a clear representation of Panah’s successful rebrand.


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