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In order to reduce carbon emissions, Cambridge Retrofit has been launched. A landmark community-scale energy efficiency scheme, the project will see buildings in Cambridge retrofitted over the next thirty years, with the end goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2050. We were assigned to help launch the project; to raise awareness and promote the retrofit initiative.

We were first tasked with creating a brand; a design that could be used throughout the campaign. The logo draws inspiration from the cause, highlighting a selection of buildings that could be retrofitted in order to reduce emissions. This brand fed into our designs for an online portal, a space in which users could access vital information with regards to the project, such as the purpose, the targets and those involved.

We also handled all PR responsibilities, including the launch event. The idea was that we could bring together everyone involved in the delivery of Cambridge Retrofit. This method of community and stakeholder mobilisation proved to be a success, with several organisations being able to broadcast their views towards the project. We were thus able to explore routes around these problems in an all-inclusive process.

An ongoing project today, the Cambridge Retrofit has received huge support from a number of key figures, including Minister of Energy, Ed Davey. Davey visited Cambridge and provided his full backing for the project, stating that “Cambridge Retrofit brings together the private and public strengths of the community to reduce emissions and drive economic growth”. Our efforts have allowed all parties to have their say, with the aim that we can mobilise support and raise awareness of the retrofit and its targets.

2 June 2014 Cambridge for Cambridge Event, Retrofit Delivery and SME Growth

Integrated Ideas were involved in the Cambridge for Cambridge event from conception and provided the required design work for brochures and banners, and the photography and filming on the day.

The day focused on three programmes of low carbon activities in the Cambridge area, examining their procedures, projects and participants, and on the ways in which RBS (as an exemplar private sector supporter) were helping stimulate these community-scale initiatives. The day closed with an invitation to other organisations to sponsor future programmes – and associated events that build on the theme Cambridge for Cambridge.

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