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Did you know you can edit the subject line of a received email?

06 Mar 2024

At Integrated Ideas we love a handy tip on mastering the small details that enhance our productivity and communication. Here’s an inbox efficiency life hack just for you!

In a bustling world where many of us receive hundreds of work emails every week, managing your inbox effectively is vital. Editing the subject line of a received email is a great help, allowing you to store emails that are easily referenced at a later date. Let's explore how you can do this and why it's important for maintaining efficiency and organisation in your inbox.

How to edit an email subject line in received email:

In Outlook:

  • Open the email in a pop-out.
  • Click on the subject line.
  • Make your changes and press 'Enter'.
  • Close the email and click ‘Yes’ to save the change.

In Apple Mail:

  • Move the email from your inbox to the draft folder. (If the drafts folder doesn’t display, simply create a draft email and the folder will appear.)
  • Click on the subject line to make it editable.
  • Edit the subject line as needed and click ‘Save’.
  • Drag your email from drafts back into your inbox.

In Gmail:

  • Unfortunately, Gmail doesn't allow direct editing of subject lines in received emails. However, you can use the "Forward" function, change the subject line, and send it to yourself.

The importance of editing a subject line

Improved Organization:
By editing a subject line, you can categorise the email more effectively.
For example, change "Re: Meeting" to "Client X Meeting - 24th March - Follow-up".

Enhanced Searchability:
It’s easier to find a specific email when you need it if you’ve customised the subject line to be more descriptive.

Better Task Management:
Editing a subject line to include an action item, like "To Review: Website Draft for Client Y," helps in prioritising tasks.

Clarity in Communication Threads:
Over time, an email thread can deviate from the original subject. Editing the subject line to reflect the current discussion keeps everyone on the same page.

Keep it simple!

Editing the subject line of your received emails is a simple yet powerful tool in email management. It transforms your inbox into a well-organised resource, helping you stay focused, efficient and on track.

...But be careful

Some email subject lines must not be changed, for example in a ticketing system or legal communication etc.

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