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Hammerson, a client of ours for many years, approached us with an exciting new project. They were looking to launch a consultation website for the transformation of one of the UK’s leading shopping centre, Brent Cross. The Brent Cross shopping centre has been an iconic part of the community for the past 40 years, with many of the original traders still operating today. The new development, coined Brent Cross London, will see the reinvigoration of the shopping centre as well as improved public transport and spaces.

We worked closely with Hammerson and their various teams to pull together all of the necessary elements for the website. It was agreed the site would employ a combination of our propriety content management system and Open Debate, our award-winning consultation tool. Using a number of pre-defined, fully responsive templates, the CMS would allow the Brent Cross team near full control of the website content and meta data. By using Open Debate as well, we’d be able to capture user registrations and feedback for the project that the team can use to help shape their plans.

Launched in autumn 2016, the website is seeing a great deal of traffic and we look forward to seeing how the development shapes over the course of its consultation


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