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"Really friendly, helpful service provided to us by Integrated Ideas. Lot's of strong advice and great ideas throughout the entire process. We are really pleased with our finished website. Huge thanks to Dan and Julia!"

Alex Smith - Communications & Digital Marketing

YES (Youth Enquiry Service)

In an ever-evolving world, empowering and supporting young people has become an essential aspect of creating a thriving society. In the North-East Essex region, YES (Youth Enquiry Services) has emerged as an award-winning youth charity organisation dedicated to uplifting the lives of young individuals for over 30 years and has been steadfast in its commitment to providing crucial services and opportunities for growth to the youth in the region. They currently engage with over 8000 young people each year through the charity’s housing, teen pregnancy and mental health counselling services.

Integrated Ideas were recommended to the YES by another client at a time when the charity was undergoing a rebranding process, including the development of a new website. The objective was to shift the focus from the current name, Colchester and Tendring Youth Enquiry Service, to a more succinct and impactful branding as YES. The aim was to create a memorable brand identity that conveyed the organisation's purpose and reassured individuals that YES was indeed capable of assisting in any situation.

As part of the rebranding process, YES actively sought the participation of its in-house team, board members, volunteers, and charity users in the form of a focus group. This collaborative approach not only encouraged engagement but also facilitated the generation of valuable insights for the production of the content. Simultaneously, it offered an opportunity for all stakeholders to closely examine their mission and processes, ensuring alignment between the brand identity and the core values and objectives of YES. This allowed YES to create a brand that resonated with its key demographic and conveyed a sense of inclusivity and support.

One of the things we needed to ensure was that the site has a high level of accessibility, along with allowing users to easily navigate and engage with the content. Given the potential urgency and vulnerability of individuals seeking assistance, the site needed to be extremely intuitive and straightforward to follow.

The majority of the content was to be taken from the previous website, supplemented with new written material by the team.

We wanted to showcase stories of individuals who had been helped by YES, further emphasising their role, as well as communicating that individuals did not have to visit the organisation's physical building. Instead, the team at YES was more than willing to meet people in their preferred locations, be it their homes, a cafe, parks, or on the streets, creating a comfortable and accessible environment for support and discussion and what they do as a charity.

After going live the reigns were handed over to the in-house web team for them to take the site forward.


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