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BG Audit

BG Audit is a sister company to Beatons Group. Established in 1981, Beatons are a major independent provider of accounting and financial services in Ipswich, Suffolk. They and have a vast amount of expertise across a wide range of sectors be it manufacturing and wholesale, care homes and nurseries, or small traders.

We were approached to design and build a website for BG Audit which is a brand new arm of their business dedicated and tailored purely for all things to do with auditing. The desire was to have a simple, clean website that highlighted the core audit services available to the end client along with the industries and locations served.

Whilst the thought of the ‘auditors are coming’ is quite daunting process for some companies, Beatons Group want to dispel that myth. The process and whole experience needn’t be a worrying time.

Having a wonderful bright colour pallette for their Beatons Group site, we used this for the new site too to keep the brand colours flowing through. Boosted by the fact that they had some super new photography of their staff to include which gives the personal touch, the site takes you through whether you may need an audit or not. If you do, they are approachable, knowledgeable and can put your mind at rest.

The fully bespoke design has been integrated with Wordpress to allow the client to look after the site going forward where required.


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