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Alfies Field

Alfie's Field is a very popular 22-acre managed field near Worcester, catering to dog owners in search of a secure and spacious environment for their furry friends to run and play. As an avid user of this popular dog haven, it was a pleasure to be asked to assist with a new website.

The owner of Alfie's Field approached us with an urgent need for a temporary holding page and an updated information section to keep a web presence whilst we supported her to develop a new website within a tight timeframe. We built a site using WordPress with WooCommerce integrated for a robust and user-friendly booking system.

To ensure that there was a seamless transition with the new site going live, we extracted the booking data from the old site and reconfigured the new one accordingly. To uplift the overall appeal and showcase the true essence of Alfie's Field, we sourced compelling content and imagery from social media feeds. This approach breathed new life into the website, providing visitors with a captivating glimpse of the experiences on offer at this large open field.

We recognise and understand the importance of clear communication, so we set up introductory and informative booking emails to guide customers through the process of what to do when they arrive on site. This personalised touch not only improved customer satisfaction but also helped establish a positive rapport with their clientele.

Following a successful website launch, our work with Alfie's Field expanded to promoting business growth. We brainstormed innovative ideas to attract more visitors, spreading the word about this idyllic dog-friendly destination. By discussing the various marketing channels, we set out to give some strong advice to help the client create awareness and drive further engagement.

While our initial focus was on revamping the website and assisting in various marketing to drive the business forward, we are always committed to continuously improving the overall customer experience. In the case of Alfie's Field, this involved exploring ways to better support online users and enhancing their interactions both virtually and at the field itself. As an agency, we understand that providing exceptional service goes beyond the initial website launch and requires ongoing efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As we continue to work closely with Alfie's Field, we look forward to further elevating their online presence and contributing to their long-term success. If you're a dog owner and a lover of canine companionship, Alfie's Field is the place to be in Worcester.



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