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"We were impressed at how quickly Integrated Ideas got to grips with a complex project, bringing our ideas to life and providing a website that will be easy for us to maintain in-house going forward"

Alison Brown - Acting Chief Executive

Cambridgeshire Acre

Cambridge ACRE is a charity that aims to empower rural communities by providing advice, assistance and action. Their aim is to make Cambridgeshire’s rural communities more socially, economically and environmentally effective.


They are dedicated to supporting and strengthening rural communities, working alongside residents and groups to help improve the places, services and assets that are important to them.


The older site had stood the test of time but due to the advances in the digital world, it was felt that the site now needed to be updated for a better user experience and interact with other third-party tools such as Hubspot, Mailchimp and Mighty Networks to help with the organisations bigger business requirements.


Using the newly developed brand, we designed a site that would truly complement this and draw on the colours and messaging with clean and easy to use clear calls to action. Bearing in mind the more rural communities may have limited broadband speeds and for those using the mobile networks, we optimised the site to be as quick and smooth loading as possible. With so many events to post and news items to provide, it was paramount that our client was also able to easily update the site.


The new site has been very well received and we’re hoping that it helps encourage more members to join and continues to be a perfect platform for sharing their long terms plans which sit alongside their 2019 – 2024 strategy leading up to their 100th year.



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