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Martlesham Heath Business Park

Once a fully operational airfield, Martlesham Heath now houses a thriving business park. There are, however, reminders of the area’s fruitful past, such as the reimagined air force barracks and various war memorials.

In terms of marketing opportunities, the business park lacked a distinctive identity. As a result, Industrious, the owners of Martlesham Heath Business Park, tasked us with designing a new brand. They felt strongly that this new image would acknowledge the history of Martlesham Heath. Also, in terms of the commercial properties on offer, they felt it would be more professional and appealing if they could be marketed collectively in a branded portfolio, rather than appearing as separate entities.

Following a branding exercise, it was agreed that we would progress with a stylised four blade propeller, which we then implemented across various collateral, including the main estate tenant boards, road signs and other visual materials. As an extension of this business park redesigning, the brand was also applied to the designs of buses, in an effort to spread awareness and reinforce the new image.

Completed in 2011, the rebranding of Martlesham Heath was a success. Industrious were greatly impressed with the brand we created and proceeded to implement it into their marketing campaign. Nowadays, Martlesham Heath Business Park is instantly recognised within not only the community, but the business sector as well.

  • Martlesham Heath Business Park banners
  • Martlesham Heath Business Park branded bus
  • Martlesham Heath Business Park branded van

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