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A comment to James from one of his clients upon visiting the new website:

“You have done a smashing job on the AQM site. It looks fresh and uncluttered and so easy on the eye - well done” 


AQM, short for Anglia Quality Meat, is a cooperative established in 1964 specialising in livestock marketing. They stand up for the livestock producer while also looking to supply a consistent and high grade product supply. AQM have stuck to their original values over the last 50 years, however, they needed to represent a modern, more up-to-date, and forward thinking business to stay relevant in what is coming a competitive industry.


Our aim at Integrated Ideas was to bring the brand more up-to-date and increase members of the cooperative, as well as increase the services offered to their current client base.


We liaised with James Doel at AQM whom was nominated for Agri-Tech Innovator of the Year in 2019 to discuss ideas. James was brought on board at AQM to assist in helping the business grow further and as an added asset to both us and AQM, had an understanding of various digital media, so naturally he was enthusiastic to work with us on bringing to life a new presence for the brand, both online and offline.


We set out to create a new brand identity for AQM, firstly by dropping the Anglia Quality Meat wording that featured in their old logo due to them being widely recognised in the industry under their abbreviation. Another reason in doing this was in view of that fact that AQM have become a diverse company offering many more services since starting out in 1964. It was agreed that their current brand and website was dated, and we wanted to work with AQM to create something which was easy to use across various mediums such as the web, print, clothing, merchandise and so on.


What came from refreshing the brand identity was something that was fresh, modern and timeless. A logo that would stand the test of time and put AQM into a league of their own for the products and services that they offer.


Our in-house team then worked towards building a beautifully clean and responsive website, making use of our own bespoke content management system (CMS). The great thing about our bespoke CMS solution that stood out to James and AQM was that it allows the site to be easily updated whenever required.


We also took hold of the eCommerce side of the business by building a tailor made shopping cart to allow for the various types of products available with a look towards expanding it further in the future. Both AQM and Integrated Ideas wanted to work towards a modern and fresh design, but functionality also had to be key. We worked very closely with AQM to take into consideration the current member base alongside the user experience (UX) to come up with the ideal solution that would be the perfect fit for the business.


The post launch feedback received from AQM’s partners and other cooperative members has been exceptional.




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