Indoor plants in a bright office

Bring Life to Your Office with Indoor Plants

11 Apr 2024

If you are anything like me, the sight of a plant (or 10!) in the office can instantly lift your spirits. They bring me pure joy! Not only do indoor plants transform the look and feel of an office, they come with some surprising benefits. These green companions can be stress-reducing, air purifying and studies have even shown they can increase productivity. My house is full of indoor plants and the Integrated Ideas office has a fair amount of foliage too, so I’ve put together an indoor plant guide that will start you on the road to your very own office jungle.


My Top 5 Easy Care Office Plants


1. Parlour Palm:

This low-maintenance indoor plant is a beauty! It is the epitome of an easy-care houseplant and is perfect for adding a pop of green to a dull workspace. It’s very happy in indirect light, making it an ideal solution for a shady office space. Not only is it a beautiful office plant, it’s a champion air purifier. Don’t worry if you forget to water it now and then, it prefers drying out between waterings. It can get as big as 1.5 meters tall, so a perfect addition to any office space needing some colour!


2. Devil's Ivy:

This trailing plant is a great way to up your office décor. It’s ideal for adding colour and interest to a bookcase or shelf and is a shade-tolerant indoor plant that will hang around just nicely with only moderate watering. It's a slow grower but can reach dramatic lengths so as it grows it can hang and wrap and coil around the office clutter.



3. ZZ Plant:

This is a great plant for your office desk. This productivity-boosting plant has stunning, glossy foliage, and isn’t too fussy with its watering schedule. This too is an air-purifying powerhouse. Water it only when the soil dries out for a happy plant. Healthy plants grow slowly and can reach about 1 meter in height.



4. Dracaena Lemon Lime:

Looking for something taller? This plant brings height and vibrant leaves which can’t help but make your office environment a happier place to be. It enjoys light but dislikes direct sun, so keep it away from windows. Moderate watering is key, but it also likes to be misted, so if you fancy a break away from the screen for a minute, why not give it a little spritz! It can grow up to 2 meters, offering a striking splash of colour.



5. Snake Plant:

This beauty is all about the long, striking leaves and is a great addition to your office mini-jungle. It isn’t worried at all about light conditions so will happily live in shade or full sunlight. It likes its soil to completely dry out between waterings, so don’t be too numerous with the watering. It’s a slow grower and can get to a little more than a meter in height so can be a great option to add interest to your office desk.



How to care for office plants

Caring for these green beauties is pretty straightforward.

  • When the office is warmer, water them slightly more as they dry out quicker than in the colder months, but check the soil before to make sure it’s time.
  • Pamper them with some weak plant food occasionally during summer. Mix a little shop-bought plant food with their water and water as normal.
  • Keep them away from harsh, direct sunlight.
  • Ensure their pots have drainage holes to avoid soggy situations.
  • Remember, cold temperatures are a no-go.


Office Plant Safety

Before adding plants to a workplace, ensure you get the appropriate permissions and consider your colleagues who may be pollen-sensitive.

Some of these plants are toxic, so are best kept out of reach of pets and kids and do not ingest.

Make sure you think about where you place your plants. Don’t create trip hazards and keep away from fire exits!

Do not water plants near electrical equipment, as this will create a fire hazard.


Enjoy your office jungle!

Once you have created your green paradise and you’ve added the odd watering reminder to your work calendar, there’s only one thing left to do - enjoy!

Get in contact with me suzy.hall@integratedideas.co.uk for any website, social media or indoor plant queries!

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