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Quirky keyboards

25 Apr 2019

When is a Keyboard more than just a Keyboard?

There has been a debate in the office this week about keyboards, Rebecca has a weird and wonderful keyboard as you can see above.  The sight of this keyboard left the rest of the office scratching our heads

This then got us to thinking about what is the best keyboard we have used or seen in the past, personally I used to love the ergonomic keyboard which splits in the middle, if I am honest a big part of that was to see the look on people’s faces if they tried to use it!  Sadly it broke and the cost of a replacement was prohibitive.

After a quick search on google, we came across the website http://www.home-designing.com/buy-cool-unique-computer-keyboards-for-sale-online, which lists 30 of the coolest keyboards that are out there at the moment.  In the office we all have our favourite, and we don’t agree on one.

Which one is your favourite, do you prefer the futurist ones or the ones made to look like an old typewriter?

We are all guilty, I am sure of taking the humble keyboard for granted, a lot of us do however spend a significant amount of time using the keyboard, could a better keyboard really make that much difference in our life?  The sound of a keyboard tapping a way in the office is one of the mundane sounds that we hear during the day, certainly if a new team member uses a loud keyboard – or perhaps is a little heavy handed then we do certainly notice the sound!  It is certainly something to bear in mind!

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