Ebay Logo Evolution showing old and new logo side by side

Flat Design

10 Feb 2014

A logo often forms your first impression of a brand. It's your first point of contact; your immediate basis to form an opinion. Logos will tell a lot about who you are and what message you're trying to convey. But how much thought actually goes into a logo? The logo will give you an opinion, but are you considering the process behind the logo? What we may perceive as a simple logo could have taken a designer days, possibly weeks, to create.

In the last year, popularity of the flat design has soared. Brands such as eBay and Microsoft have been stripping back their logos to the bare minimum, allowing the text and / or image to speak for itself.

This idea has also crossed over into web and interface design, with Windows 8 and Apple's iOS 7 following a similar route. Flat design is an idea that doesn't show any signs of deteriorating in 2014, as several mobile app manufacturers are starting to take note, for the sake of keeping up with modern trends.

A flat design may have you thinking 'simple' or 'easy', but don't underestimate public opinion. In a modern society, this so-called 'simplicity' appears to be overriding complexity as the leading design process. It gives off a sleek, modern impression, rather than appearing outdated and basic.

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