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The Knightsbridge

We were approached by international businessman Sammy Lee to present ‘The Knightsbridge’, a top-quality residence in London. As part of the brief, we would produce a variety of marketing materials that would present the benefits of living not only as part of ‘The Knightsbridge’, but in the iconic Knightsbridge area. The goal was to entice potential buyers and convey to them a grand living experience.

Initially, however, we created a protected extranet, a domain that would allow for the secure transferral of materials to the broad range of partners and suppliers that were globally scattered. This virtual space would permit documents, images, videos and plans to be shared and commented upon in a safe and secure manner.

Following on from this, we constructed a large hoarding; an advertisement that would project an image of ‘The Knightsbridge’ in a professional, yet aesthetically pleasing manner. This notion carried across for the other promotional materials created, with a variety of multimedia programmes, including interactive videos and fly-through tours.

The marketing and promotional materials that we produced contributed to the grand unveiling of ‘The Knightsbridge’. Once on the market, ‘The Knightsbridge’ was recognised as a highly desired living destination. All of the properties were sold above guide prices, including the Penthouses that were sold for in excess of £20 million.

  • The Knightsbridge brochures
  • The Knightsbridge interactive media disc
  • The Knightsbridge logo

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